Small businesses you can’t miss a graduate setting it up

There has always been an assumption that learned people have higher opportunities of prestigious jobs. But the reality has been different especially for young graduates of higher institution of learning including universities more so in this generation of limited white collar jobs.

Here is a list of 5 lowly esteemed hustles that such learned people end up working on. The fourth one could surprise you.

1. Bodaboda (Motor cycling) This hustle is so common to at least many Kenyan youths. Days are gone when it was considered a job for lowly learned youths. Infact many teenagers who could not proceed to secondary education in one way or the other ended up doing such business. But in this past few years university graduates either in wait for white collar jobs or fully committed to the hustle, have resorted to the Bodaboda transport industry.

2. Hawking This is very common for many students already do so to supplement the support they receive from parents or guardians. Many hawk different range of products such as second hand clothes (mitumba) and other industrial products.

3. Car wash This is another common hustle that is no longer a preserve for uneducated youths. It is very common to find graduates in urban areas doing such menial jobs in anticipation of one day securing a job in their field of studies.

4. Handcart operators This also one of the best paying hustles though requires no education, many educated youths resort to in towns. In Nairobi it’s common to meet them as soon as you alight from matatus in stages.

5. Touting Those youths you normally see aggressively convince travellers to board certain matatus are not normally of low educational background. Some are graduates in towns humbled by tough economic statuses worsened by limited job opportunities.

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